Import Department


Javid Toos Khorasan is one of the top ten importer of raw materials in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries from Asian countries (such as India, China …) and European countries (such as France, Italy and … ) Imports. The company’s imported products can be used in various industries, including:

  • Bread and pastries (cakes and biscuits, muffins and wafers …)
  • Pastries and Chocolates (hard candies, jelly candies, gum, tulips, dragons, jelly, caramel, marshmallow)
  • Dairy and Ice Cream (based on milk and Serbian)
  • Drinks (soda, aromatic water, coffee drinks, tea, cocktail, liquor, fruit juice)
  • Macaroni and related products
  • pharmaceutical Industries
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Household detergents, industrial, sanitary and …