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Javid Toos Khorasan

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as importing,exporting commercial company.
We can claim we are one of the biggest import companies in Iran which
has been had 200 products. Our Company, Javid Toos Khorasan located in Iran, provides expertized experience in importing and distributing the raw materials in the fields of Food, Pharmaceutic, Hygiene and Cosmetics over 60 years.


Exchange of knowledge and mutual use of experiences between Javid Toos Khorasan and customers is one of the basics in sales engineering.


Javid Toos Khorasan Company has extensive knowledge of export and import affairs in various sectors due to its long experience in foreign trade

Import Department

Javid Toos Khorasan is one of the top ten importer of raw materials in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

Export Department

Exporting and selling goods in foreign markets has certain sensitivities and sensitivities that neglecting them .may waste human and financial investment in this regard

Cosmetics and Hygienic

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