Raw Material – Cosmetics and Hygienic

Item number Product name Manufacturing country Packaging Grade
1 EGMS Iran Drum/20 KG Cosmetic
2 EGDS Iran Drum/20 KG Cosmetic
3 BHT India Drum/30 KG Cosmetic
4 SLS Needle Malaysia Bag/25 KG EP7-USP33
5 stearyl alcohol Malaysia Bag/25 KG Cosmetic
6 triple pressed stearic acid Malaysia Bag/25 KG Cosmetic
7 pharmaceutical stearic acid China Bag/25 KG USP
8 Indian and Malaysian acid oleic India Drum/180,185 KGS Cosmetics
9 benzoic acid India Drum/30 KG USP-BP
10 coconut fatty acid Malaysia Drum/180 KG Cosmetic
11 citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous China Bag/25 Kg Food
12 eugenol Indonesia Drum/25 Kg USP
13 isoxazoline China Drum/25 Kg Cosmetic
14 H2O2 Turkey Drum/65 KG Cosmetic
15 benzoate sodium China Bag/25 KG Food & pharmaceutical
16 benzyl alcohol India Drum/35 KG USP-BP
17 Yellow Beeswax China Drum/25 Kg Cosmetic
18 White Beeswax China Carton/25 Kg Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
19 propylparaben India Drum/25 Kg Pharmaceutical
20 Polysorbate (Twin,20,60,80) India Drum/220 Kg Cosmetic
21 talc powder India Drum/30 Kg USP-BP
22 tegzapon Iran Drum/200 KG Cosmetic
23 Titanium Dioxide India Drum/25 KG USP-NF
24 sodium bicarbonate Iran-China Bag/25 Kg food
25 dextrose monohydrate China Bag/25 Kg food
26 Sweet Almond oil France Drum/25,190 KGS Cosmetic
27 Castor Oil India Drum/225 KGS FSG
28 Coconut Oil Indonesia & Malaysia Drum-190 Kg Cosmetic
29 Zinc oxide India Drum/30 Kg USP-BP
30 ceteareth-25 India Bag/25 Kg Cosmetic
31 cetostearyl alcohol Malaysia Bag/25 Kg Hygienic
32 cetomicrogol India Bag/25 Kg Cosmetic
33 cetyl alcohol Malaysia Bag/25 Kg Cosmetic
34 sodium starch glycolate Taiwan Bag/25 Kg Pharmaceutical
35 sodium saccharin China Drum/25 Kg USP-BP
36 CMC China Bag/25 Kg USP-BP
37 sodium methyl paraben India Drum/25 Kg Pharmaceutical
38 NaOH Iran Bag/25 Kg Industrial & Hygienic
39 Powder Sorbitol China Bag/25 Kg Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
40 Liquid Sorbitol 70% India Drum/300 KG Edible, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
41 Potassium Sorbate China Carton/25 Kg Food & Cosmetics
42 sulphate aluminium Iran Bag/25 Kg food
43 Camphor China Carton/25 Kg USP-BP
44 heavy and light carbonate Iran Bag/25 Kg Industrial
45 castor oil hydrogenated powder India Bag/25 Kg Cosmetic
46 Xanthan Gum China Carton/25 Kg edible
47 Glycerin Indonesia & Malaysia Drum/250 Kg USP-BP
48 lanolin anhydrous China Drum/25 Kg USP32
49 lytron Germany Drum/120 Kg Cosmetic
50 sodium metabisulfite


Bag/25 Kg Industrial-edible
51 methyl paraben India Drum/25 Kg Pharmaceutical
52 methyl salicylate China Drum/25 Kg USP-BP
53 DMG Malaysia Bag/25 Kg FOOD
54 microcrystalline wax(artificial wax) China Bag/25 Kg cosmetic
55 Vanilla polar bear China Carton/20 Kgs food
56 Alum Iran Bag/50 kg Industrial
57 Guar gum India Bag/25 Kg edible