Export Department


Exporting and selling goods in foreign markets has certain sensitivities and sensitivities that neglecting them may waste human and financial investment in this regard. Exports, like any other business, require foresight, planning, acquaintance with scientific methods, mobility, and the confidence of foreign buyers. Therefore, Javid Toos Khorasan Company, using its experience in this field in exporting to Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan and so on. And new marketing methods are ready to provide services to economic operators in the direction of exporting goods and services.

Javid Toos Khorasan Export Services:

  • Marketing
  • (Issuing Proofreading (Pre-invoice
  • Preparation and packaging
  • Determining customs value
  • Obtain licensing from relevant organs and organizations
  • Return of goods to customs
  • Contract for carriage and insurance
  • Receive certificate of inspection of goods
  • Invoice issuance and certificate of origin
  • Shipping of goods

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